My current research largely involves: 

*the relationship between stochastic choice and imperfect perception

(Reality is objective, you just perceive it imperfectly) 

Stochastic choice and imperfect perception of line lengths: What is hiding in the noise? with Sean Duffy  (July 2023) Supplemental Material


An economist and a psychologist form a line: What can imperfect perception of length tell us about stochastic choice? with Sean Duffy (July 2023) Supplemental Material


Visual judgments of length in the economics laboratory: Are there brains in stochastic choice? with Sean Duffy and Steven Gussman (RUC ’17), Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 2021, 93: 101708 Supplemental Material


Imperfect perception and stochastic choice in experiments, with Pablo Brañas-Garza, Cambridge University Press Elements, forthcoming

The random thickness of indifference, with Sean Duffy  (coming soon)


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 Co-director of Camden Decision Lab

Affiliate and Webmaster of BEEMA

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